AutoTester Software Upgrade

This describes the steps for upgrading the software.  Note that it is not currently possible to retain setting and results from before so it is best to copy this information down before the upgrade as the new upgrade is essentially a fresh install of the program.

Version 0.2 of the software adds a few new features:

  • The ability to perform titration tests as well as direct-read tests.  See here for how to set them up.
  • Ability to view the colors resulting from the tests (History button)
  • Automatically sets timezone based on system settings, so no need to explicitely set it.
  • Remove old results after a given period of time

To install the new software:

using SSH, log into the Raspberry Pi

cd ~
workon cv
sudo reboot

Using SSH, log back in

cd ~
workon cv
rm -rf AutoTester 
pip install tzlocal
git clone

The new software is installed