Using the JamSentry

Simply mount the JamSentry so that the filament is pulled through the encoder unit.  For a direct drive extruder, it may look something like this:

For a Bowden extruder, it may look like this:

For a Bowden extruder, a compatible extruder mount is provided as part of the 3D parts.  It is connected to the JamSentry by a short piece of 1/4″ tubing.

For power, connect the first pin to GND and the 3rd pin to +5V.  The pins are labelled.  You can also just use the console cable or FTDI cable to power the JamSentry.  The JamSentry only draws approx 200mW.

Connect the magnetometer to the JamSentry with a 4 wire cable, matching the pins.  Attach the magnetometer to the side of the motor (see Tips and Tricks) for how to best place the sensor.

You are ready to go.  Verify that everything works by checking the website that the JamSentry unit hosts.  You can test out that your alarms/pause functions work properly by using the TEST button on the website.

You are good to go.  May your JamSentry, never need to alert you for a Jam!

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