Printer Host Software

The only software required for the JamSentry is in the Printer Host.  The Printer Host is the program that streams G-Code from a host computer to the printer itself.  A Printer Host is not used if you print from SD.  In that case, you only pause option is to emulate a runout sensor and use the hardwired control line.  For that, no software is needed.

To work with the JamSentry, the Printer Host must be listening for the Pause message from the JamSentry.  I use Octoprint.

An octoprint plugin and installation instructions are available here.

A module to receive JamSentry commands for Lulzbot cura is also available.  module.  Installation instructions available here.  Hopefully others can write plug-ins for other 3D printing programs that handle the pause.  Information on what the program needs to do is here.

I will maintain a page of software that supports a list of Printer Hosts that support JamSentry and installation instructions here.

The hardwire notification and user alerts are independent of whether you have any compatible Printer Host software provided.

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