Printing the 3D Parts

The STLs for the printed parts are here.

The following parts need to be printed:

  • Encoder Mount – This comes in versions for 3.0 and 1.75mm filament.  They are basically the same, but the alignment is slightly different due to the size of the filament.  The encoder mount should be printed in black or something very opaque.  It forms the body of an optical encoder, so if it transmits light, then it won’t work.  The circuit boards snap onto the encoder mount, so it shouldn’t be too brittle.  I used PETG.  Printing at .2 layer height works fine and no supports are needed.
  • Encoder Wheel – The encoder wheel is turned by the filament.  It has small slots that let light through as it turns.  It should also be opaque.
  • Axle – A 3mm-10mm axle is needed on which the encoder wheel spins.  You can print one, but if you use 3mm filament, it’s easier to just snip off a 10mm long piece of filament.
  • Cowling.  The is the outer shell that goes around the unit.  You can print this in any color you like and it doesn’t need to be opaque.  You need to flex the cowling to slip the encoder inside, so it shouldn’t be brittle.  I used PETG.
  • Bowden Mount – If you are going to use it on a bowden extruder I provided an extruder mount to make it easier, but using that is your choice.  It comes in two sizes depending on the size of filament.

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