Making a JamSentry

The JamSentry detects filament jams and runouts of 3D FDM printers.  It is designed to work with any 3D printer and does not require special firmware.  It can interface with the 3D printing software to pause the print when a filament jam is detected.  The JamSentry is WiFi connected and has the following capabilities:

  • Detecting Filament Jams on an Extruder
  • Detecting Filament Runout on an Extruder
  • Pausing the printer using a hardwired runout sensor (for printers so equiped)
  • Pausing the printer by sending a message to the Printer Host
  • Alerting the user of the condition using the IFTTT framework.  This means that the user can receive the alerts as e-mail, SMS, App notifications, etc.
  • Being alerted when the print is done (again using the IFTTT framework).

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to build one.

Lets get started:

  1. Jam Sentry Concept of Operation
  2. Bill of Materials
  3. Printing the 3D parts
  4. Preparing the processor (ESP8266) board
  5. Installing the firmware
  6. Configuring the JamSentry
  7. Assembling the encoder
  8. Assembling the magnetometer
  9. Updating the Printer Host
  10. Using the JamSentry
  11. Tips and Tricks

Get started here.