Miscellaneous Parts

In addition to the parts for building the autotester, there are a few miscellaneous parts.

Electronics box and lid and bracket.  The lid snaps on and the box snaps into the bracket.  It has screw holes for the raspberry pi and is sized for the autotester hat.

A drip pan.  When the autotester dumps liquid, it just drops out the bottom.  The drip pan can be placed underneath to route the liquid out through a tube.

For the autotester to learn new tests, it needs to view the color result table that usually comes with chemical tests.  They are often on a card, but sometimes they are on the bottles themselves.  The color sheet holder  clamps onto the camera arm and can be used to hold the card so that the camera can view it.  The camera can also read the color swatches off bottles, etc.  The process of how the autotester learns new tests and color results will be covered as part of the operation description once the software completes.

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