Putting together the Camera Mount

The camera mount holds the camera and the LEDs.  The camera used is a pi camera with a fisheye lens.  The standard pi-camera is fixed focus.  It is not able to focus on something as close as the mixer tube, and the field of vision is not wide enough.

The first step is to wire up the LEDs.  These are wide angle white LEDs.  The long lead is positive and they are wired in series.  The easiest way I found to wire them up is to insert them in the corner holes of the holder in a regular pattern.

You then bend the leads and solder + to – for all the LEDs. The beginning and end LEDs are then extended with wire that will connect to the electronics.  There is a small tunnel that can hold a 2 or 3mm zip tie that can be used to cinch the wiring.

Finally, the camera is attached with small screws (M2 or smaller).  The cable should extend off in the direction of the aluminum support (see top picture).

We will attach the holder to the camera arm as part of the overall assembly, so put the holder aside for the moment.

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