Octoprint now supports JamSentry

I finally stopped using Windows to drive my printers after the 3rd time it did an update and restart in the middle of a 12 hour print.  So I am now using Octoprint to drive the printers.  I developed an Octoprint plugin to support JamSentry.  It also provides the JamSentry status in a convenient tab so you don’t have to have it as a separate webpage.  Info on the plugin and installation can be found here.

JamSentry is a small DIY device to detect filament jams and filament runout conditions.  It does not require any printer hardware or firmware changes.  This plugin allows Octoprint to take action when a jam is detected.  The JamSentry unit itself has not changed and info on how it works and how to make one can be found here.  Everything is free.

Happy Printing!!!

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